Welcome to JumpStart Health Coaching at Tenafly Strong Personal Training Studio!

What is JumpStart Health Coaching?

Our JumpStart Level 1 program is an 8-week curriculum-based program that has been designed for motivated individuals who are prepared and willing to make healthy lifestyle adjustments. Its purpose is to inform and educate participants regarding the four major pillars essential for fat-loss, with an emphasis on individualized accountable strategy.

Do I need to attend meetings? NO
Do I need to take nutraceuticals, or buy branded packaged food? NO
Is this a diet? NO
What if I’m a vegetarian, or eat Kosher? NO problem!
I don’t live in the Tenafly, NJ area, can I still participate? YES! We’ll mail you the materials
Can children participate? YES! With a parent’s supervision
What do I need in order to participate? A smartphone and pedometer
What do I need in order to participate? Level 1 is priced at $225

Remember, JumpStart is neither a calorie restricted diet nor a complicated meal plan. We don’t expect you to follow an insane exercise schedule either. Instead we encourage a realistic lifestyle that can be followed by anyone. This is the philosophy the coaches at our studio live by, and we teach the same to our participants.

One of the core beliefs of the JumpStart Level 1 program is that unwanted excess body fat may be caused by a variety of reasons. Inactivity, hormonal imbalance, inadequate recovery, or misinformation can all contribute to this. This is why we use a multidisciplinary strategy to examine more than just your diet and help you succeed with an empowering, results-driven, and sustainable plan.

How Do I Know If I’m Succeeding with the Program?

Our participants are each assigned a certified health (American Council on Exercise) or nutrition (Precision Nutrition) coach. Your coach will evaluate and review your Lifestyle Diary that is to be completed and submitted weekly. Your coach will have minimum 8 points of contact with you in order to fully discuss your progress, celebrate your successes, and point out areas for improvement.

Dave filling out his JS diary for review by his coach